Monday, November 1, 2010

Samsung R780 with Ubuntu 10.10

I wanted to replace my desktop computer by a laptop for quite a while now and as it started to randomly freeze - no matter which OS it ran - I decided the right time has come now. I did some online research and then picked a Samsung R780 Helix (link in German). The bare technical facts:

  • Intel Core i5 430M CPU

  • 4 GB RAM

  • Nvidia GeForce GT M330

  • 17,3" display with 1600x900 resolution

  • Blueray drive

  • 640 GB harddisk

  • integrated webcam

  • unfortunately no bluetooth

The R780 is available in several flavors which differ in harddisk space and CPU type. Helix comes with an Intel Core i5 430M and a 640GB harrdisk. So far I don't regret my choice! It's very quiet (no noisy fans), good keyboard and a nice display. Of course it comes preinstalled with Windows 7 (64bit). I didn't remove Windows but I wanted Linux installed as well. (By the way, the hardware seems pretty compatible with current Linux distrubutions.) So, this is how I got along...