Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucid desktop install with lvm2

As I recently "reorganized" the partitioning scheme on my desktop system to gain some space for my flac music files I also changed the linux partitions to further run from logical volumes. To install Ubuntu on logical volumes you need to run the alternate installer - which in my case pretty much failed. I don't know why, but half the way of copying the new system the installer insisted on putting in the CD medium (which of course was still in the drive) and no matter what option I chose - "Continue" or "Cancel" - the request wouldn't go away. This was the first time an Ubuntu installer didn't work out for me. Still wanting to install Ubuntu's latest release I came across a post in Linux Mint's (another Ubuntu offspring) forum, describing how to install Linux Mint with lvm2. See the original post by piratesmack (thanks!) here. I more or less followed this howto.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

WLAN with Asus Eeepc 1000H and Lucid Lynx

Ubuntu's latest release "Lucid Lynx" is out for a while now so I decided that this would be the right choice for my netbook "Asus Eeepc 1000H". I went for the default i386 desktop release as I don't like the netbook editions. With the help of "UNetbootin" it's quite easy to create a bootable USB stick from the downloaded iso file. The installation was a peace of cake and if you previously installed Ubuntu somewhere (and even if you didn't) it should not be a problem. I recommend keeping a wired network connection during installation (and as it shows, you will need it).

Once installed, fully upgrade your system to the latest packages and this might even pull in a new kernel. Then reboot and try to establish a WLAN connection... At least, I failed. :-( There seems to be a an upstream bug in Lucid's kernel which prevents WPA protected WLAN connections to work properly. The solution seems to be installing the latest Ralink RT2860 WLAN driver. I found this workaround at launchpad published by killerbee - thanks for that! (Have a look at post #25 of the bugreport.) So, I will more or less just sum up his advice here.