Monday, March 9, 2009

Fedora desktop with Dust theme and Murrine svn gtk engine

Running Ubuntu 8.10 on my laptop I fell in love with it's Dust theme - not officially part of Ubuntu 8.10, but you can get it here. So I wanted to install it on my desktop machine running Fedora 10.

First problem is that Dust GTK2 theme requires a recent Murrine engine and Fedora provides version 0.53 only. As I recently got to like the fun of building RPMs I decided to try my luck - and it worked out! So, I can provide Murrine svn143 RPMs for Fedora. But starting applications from within a terminal window showed up some error messages concerning Murrine engine & Dust theme. So, I did some slight changes to Dust's gtkrc files - et voilĂ , no errors anymore.
Next I needed some orange touched icons for this theme. I liked Tangerine a lot when running Debian/Ubuntu and this icon theme goes very well with Dust theme, but it showed up with Ubuntu logos... Don't get me wrong, I like Ubuntu (and it's logos), but not when running another distro... So, I replaced Ubuntu's logos with Fedora's and again tried to build RPMs. In the end I was left with a desktop like this:

All credit goes to the original authors of this artwork:
Murrine engine: (GPL)
Dust GTK2 theme: (GPLv3)
Tangerine icon theme: (CC-BY-SA)
Wallpaper: by sandman found on here (CC-BY-SA)

If you like this theme, feel free to download these Fedora RPMs:

Dust GTK2 theme:
i386/amd64: dust-gtk2-theme-0.3.3-1.fc10.noarch.rpm (md5sum: 1018c1b4054d310c9ce293a701ce2710)
source: dust-gtk2-theme-0.3.3-1.fc10.src.rpm (md5sum: c3934af475fd06f45912ef623c37643f)

Tangerine icon theme:
i386/amd64: tangerine-icon-theme-0.26-2.fc10.noarch.rpm (md5sum: f43ac97164c618b7cb17f2a29811b018)
source: tangerine-icon-theme-0.26-2.fc10.src.rpm (md5sum: 258bcac173bd035a2bfd1882d00778f6)

Murrine engine:
i386: gtk-murrine-engine-0.60.143-1.fc10.i386.rpm (md5sum: 378744bb951889a605f3e2089c3100f6)
amd64: gtk-murrine-engine-0.60.143-1.fc10.x86_64.rpm (md5sum: 4ca25d051d5987c3291eeef9c6785c53)
source: gtk-murrine-engine-0.60.143-1.fc10.src.rpm (md5sum: ce1693f29b7b086088058e8f60c05185)

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