Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WBT-201 & Fedora 10 (building RPMs)

Of course I wanted my Wintec WBT-201 gps logging device to work with Fedora as it did with Debian/Ubuntu (see this post). And after playing around a little with the stuff, it did! So, this is what I wanted:

  • gpsbabel (accessing and converting gps data)

  • gtk-g-rays2 (managing the WBT-201)

  • gpscorrelate (automatically adding gps data to exif tags of my pictures)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Installing and configuring Fedora 10

I still like Debian and Debian based distros like sidux or Ubuntu most, but - as always, if something works too well - I wanted something new... As I recently joined a training course at Red Hat and a new release of Fedora just hit the servers, I went for Fedora 10.

I think the main difference between Fedora and other "big" distros is the fact, that within a Fedora release, you'll receive major version upgrades of applications and even the kernel itself. I think this is a pro, though you might argue, this might have a negative affect on a distro's stability. So far, I couldn't find any big issues.
As you can read in every review about Fedora, it comes strictly with open source software only. No playback of mp3 files or Nvidia drivers. It's very easy though to add those features, if you know how. If you're used to Fedora, you won't find anything new here. If you're a first time Fedora user or even new to Linux, this post might be of help. I just put together all the useful information I found on the net and I will always refer to the original text. A good starting point is "The Unofficial Fedora FAQ".