Thursday, May 22, 2008

"gpsbabel 1.3.5" for Ubuntu Hardy

Ubuntu Hardy Heron is out but sadly it comes with a rather old version of gpsbabel: 1.3.3. To read data from my Wintec WBT-201 I need at least gpsbabel version 1.3.4. With 1.3.5 already released I wanted the latest version - of course!

I tried to follow my own instructions given here to build a deb package for Hardy, but it didn't work... It wouldn't compile cleanly and errored out with:
lmx.c:34: Fehler: »link« als andere Symbolart redeklariert

(Sorry, got it in German only)

I googled a lot, but nothing... Compiling the sources worked well, but not if I tried to build the deb package via "uupdate". As I'm no expert in building packages this gave me a hard time, but finally I got it: you have to edit debian/rules a little and it works! But now, step by step.