Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WBT-201 & Debian/Ubuntu

As I liked the idea of geo tagging my pictures I decided to buy Wintec's WBT-201 GPS logger. It's a neat little device and fits into every pocket - so no problem carrying it with you all the time. Of course it comes with some software to export the geo data and tagging your pictures with it. And of course it's Windows only (and maybe MacOS, but not sure about this). The good news is, the WBT-201 works with linux, too. By the time of writing I'm running sidux for amd64, which is kind of Debian Sid, and Ubuntu Gutsy for i386 on my laptop.

We basically need three apps installed:
  • gpsbabel <= 1.3.4
  • gpscorrelate(-gui)
  • gtk-g-rays2

Unfortunately Debian/Ubuntu only comes with a suitable version of gpscorrelate, for gpsbabel and gtk-g-rays2 we need to do some manual interaction. But now for the details! (Please bare in mind I've done this with sidux and Ubuntu Gutsy, but the below may vary if you're running another Debian based distro.)