Saturday, December 29, 2007

(K)Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

About two months ago Ubuntu 7.10 aka "Gutsy Gibbon" was released and I couldn't resist... So I first gave the KDE flavored amd64 version of Kubuntu a chance which worked very good. Out of curiosity I recently changed to Ubuntu with Gnome desktop.

Installing (K)Ubuntu is pretty easy. If your system has at least 320MB of RAM download the "desktop CD", boot it and click the "Install" icon on the desktop. When booting from the Desktop-CD, your screen might go blank right after the desktop shows up for the first time. If so, just hit any key and it should reappear. Or maybe I'm the only one who ran into this? To avoid such things I prefer the "alternate" CD which isn't harder to install. I won't concentrate here on installing (K)Ubuntu Gutsy as it's very straight forward and not different to former (K)Ubuntu releases. This post will be about customizing Gutsy and how to avoid/repair some small issues you might run into.