Monday, October 29, 2007

Installing sidux

As already mentioned, sidux is a pretty nice Linux distro and I'm beginning to like it a lot! I was running sidux for quite a while and thought I'd share some of my experiences. So, this is how I installed sidux on my 64bit AMD box and how it worked for me:

As ever, download the image (if you do a fresh install, always get the latest image!), check it's md5 sum and burn it. The sidux manual says it's very important to burn the image in DAO mode and not faster than 8x! Yes, they really stress on that!

Once the CD is ready, boot from it. Important: choose your desired language by pressing "F4" at the boot screen, because this will become your default language setting. If you need any extra kernel options just add them to the boot options. Then press "Enter" and watch the live CD boot. Once KDE is started the show begins. You may just click the installation icon on the desktop (here is an excellent description in the sidux manual) or - like me - get through some pre-installation tasks. They could be done from within the installer, I just prefer it this way:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back online!

Shortly after was being hacked I had some trouble with my webhoster, so I decided to change. Due to this, was down for a while.
This was my first time moving a domain to another hoster, but everything went very well and now this site should be back online again!

And again, a new design. This one was also made by headsetoptions (like the former orange/dark one), I've just added some minor color modifications.
And stay tuned, the promised "Installing-Sidux-HOWTO" will follow!

Sunday, October 21, 2007 been hacked

Two weeks ago was hacked. Some guy called “geek hacker” managed to replace index.php with his own and this is what showed up in your browser:

I don’t know what’s the sense in this is supposed to be? He claims that “Linux rules” and destroys a site which is mainly about Linux??? Looking at the source of his page made me laugh though:
<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">

OK, he’s such a smart ass and needs “Front Page” to create a simple web page? I wish guys like him would concentrate on more productive work and not sabotaging someone else’s. Besides, I guess it wasn’t to hard to do this hack. I always update everything regularly but at some point I need to rely on my webhoster which doesn’t allow tweaking all settings like I want to.

Luckily I found a database backup which I made a few days earlier so I managed to recover all of my blog’s content. As I didn’t know what he did to the files on my webspace, I deleted them all. Sadly I had no backup of my modified theme… OK, lesson learned. Hope you like the new layout!