Wednesday, January 3, 2007

"Casino Royal"

Though a little off-topic again (be sure I'll write something real nerd-like about a new Star Trek movie if ever released!!), I'd like to comment on the new James Bond movie. I think it's a real good and entertaining action movie and despite any comment to follow below I do like it! But... THIS IS NOT JAMES BOND!

First of all, Daniel Craig may be a good actor but he's no Bond. I liked Pierce Brosnan a lot as Bond though my favorite still is Connery of course. Besides the title credits and the last minute of the movie nothing really reminds of the former James Bond movies. It has - for a Bond movie - a lot of emotions and I was missing the typical Bond humor. Let's not mention the rather illogical time line: "Casino Royal" is placed at the beginning of Bond's career... with a female "M" who's missing the "cold war"... As far as I know, bond started out with a male "M" as his superior during the cold war, and now the same "M" is at the beginning and the end of his career?? ;-) OK, let's not mention this and it wouldn't bother me even if I considered "Casino Royal" a real Bond movie. It's a bit like "Never say never again". (But the latter should never have been made. Why couldn't they just stay with the original "Thunderball"? - Only my opinion...) Even the title track doesn't sound like James Bond...
I guess I have to watch "Goldfinger" again to see a real Bond! Again: I like "Casino Royal", but don't expect James Bond...

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